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Canon G7X Mark II Time-lapse & Settings

Canon G7X Mark II Time-lapse & Settings. Edited entirely on iPhone with Pinnacle Studio Pro. Color-corrected with Movie Looks iPhone app and most importantly, shot in 24fps.  [Equipment] New Camera: Old Camera: Audio Recorder: Lavalier Mic: Lights: Camera Mount: Above items are Amazon affiliate links.  No extra cost and it will support my channel, I'd appreciate it! :) Also featuring the first camera flip-phone in the United States as well, the Sanyo SCP-5300. I believe it might have been on the Sprint network.  [Music] First song: Something Elated by Broke For Free Second song: Made in GarageBand While testing the Canon G7X Mark II, in low light, I didn't notice any video noise compared to the Canon S110. The sha

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