Sony Lav Mic with iPhone (ECM-CS10)

The Sony ECM-CS10 Lavalier Microphone is connected to a Tascam iXJ2, then connected to a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, and then to an iPhone 5s.

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The Tascam iXJ2 provides plug-in power and a mono-sum feature to the Sony ECM-CS10 stereo lavalier microphone. Some digital audio recorders (like the Zoom H5) don't have a mono-mix feature for the 3.5mm input. You can easily mono-sum or mono-mix a stereo track in an open source software, like Audacity.

I used a small windscreen for the Sony lavalier microphone as well. The camera was a Canon PowerShot S110 and my camera operator was my gf. :) The iOS app I used was the Tascam PCM recorder app, to record in CD quality wav files. I did edit the audio files in Audacity; mostly to remove the noise (hiss).

The reason for the clap was due to creating a mark on the audio wave form to manually sync the audio and video in post (iMovie). I believe it's a great mic for around $30.

For an affordable shotgun microphone, I think the Rode NTG-2 is a great shotgun mic, if you can find it second-hand. I payed around $150 on eBay. However, I had to wait quite a few months, until I found one selling at that price. The software Audacity, can easlity remove noise (hiss). Some people prefer the Audio-Technica AT897.

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