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Canon G7X Mark II Footage

While testing the Canon G7X Mark II, in low light, I didn't notice any video noise compared to the Canon S110. The shallow depth of field in producing bokeh and the image stabilization were both great for this type of compact camera. The audio was surprisingly good, better than S110. The design in ergonomics and aesthetics of the physical camera were well planned in the second iteration of the G7X. I wish the camera would shoot 4K and not overheat and had an input jack for a microphone as well. The G7X Mark II video bitrate for 24fps and 30fps is about 24 Mbps. For 60fps, its about 34 Mbps. The video bitrate for the S110 (24fps) is about 34 Mbps. New Camera: Old Camera: Above items are Amazon affiliate links. No extra cost and it will support my channel, I'd appreciate it! :) Music: I created it with the iPhone app, Auxy. I used the original version of the app that was released on 12/9/15. I'm not a fan of the updated UI/UX of